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“AXEEELL!” Dex yelled sitting next to him

“GUUUYS!” Nathan yelled sitting on the other side of Axel, “Where are the girls?”

“Bambi needed extra help...they should be here soon.”

Drew and Drake then took there seats, They had been hanging out with the group a lot, “heeeey guys” Drake smirked

“hi!” Axel said with a smile.

“Axel!” Dex showed his friend his test, “Look! I got an 87!! I passed!”

“Dex! That’s great!” Axel smiled, “We will have to do something special!”

“really? You means it?” Dex asked

“of course!” Axel smiled

“hey nerd!” some guy yelled, ripping Axel's glasses off his face, “haha nice glasses.”

“hey!” Axel glared, those were the ones he got from Bambi.

“haha” the guy broke them, “opps.”

“What the hell?” Dex stood up, “he didn't even do anything.”

“AND!” Nathan stood up, “you owe him the money to fix them.”

“I don't owe that nerd anything” The guy smirked, “and what are you going to do?”

Drew and Drake stood up, “kick your ass” Drew told him. Drew and Drake had grown protective of Axel, like most of Axel's friends had. Axel frowned, he felt helpless he hated how he always needed someone else.

“Once I'm done here I might go take his girl out. She is pretty hot.”

Axel stood up and punched the guy, the guy fell as the blood dripped from his nose, “her name is Bambi.” Axel then put on his extra pair of glasses, “and it would be nice of you to not refer to her as if she was a common slut.”

The guy stood up and glared at Axel, and for once Axel glared back giving the guy the eye contact he never could before. The guy just walked off, and Axel turned back to normal wiping the blood from the guys nose on his shirt.

“dude!” Nathan wrapped his arm around Axel's shoulders “That was awesome!!”

“nooo!” Dex hugged Axel, “stop growing up!”

Drew ruffled Axel's hair, “you did great shrimp”

Drake high fived Axel, “who knew you had it in you”

“he was being mean...” Axel whispered, “and I can't relay on everyone else forever...”

Dex looked at Axel, “this again?”

“but...” Axel looked down

“Axel..” Nathan smiled, “you are who you are. Don't force your self to change. Everyone likes you as you.”

Drew smiled, “and if that means you need a little extra protection then no problem”

Drake smiled, “yeah no one thinks of you any differently”

Dex hugged Axel, “so you keep being Axel and you let us protect you got it?”

Axel smiled, “alright!”

Bambi and Fallon walked up, and Bambi checked Axel's face because she saw the blood on his shirt, “Bambi its someone elses”

Bambi looked confused, “Yup. He knocked a kid out!” Drake yelled

“Thats my Axie boy!” Fallon said hugging his arm

Axel looked at Bambi, “he broke the glasses you gave me....and he made you seem like a common kind of happened I'm sorry...”

Bambi kissed his cheek and smiled as in saying, Thank you. She looked at him and he laughed, “I promise to never punch anyone else...unless I have to.”

“which won't happen” Dex assured Bambi.

Axel smiled, They were right, he didn't need to change he liked being who he was. His friends liked him for him, and That was enough for Axel.
shitty title
PrincessCamerz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
being all grown up and such
it's not fair
the shipping is real tho
R E A L <3
DoughnutDemi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
XD for really reals 
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