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“Well we start school in a Month..” Demi said

“yeah...” Ariel said

“and you'll be in middle school! Aren't you excited?” She asked

“Not really...” Ariel sighed

“why not? I will be there in a year” Demi smiled

“Yeah but that’s a year...I'm gonna go off'll forget about me” Demi laughed and Ariel looked at her, “what?”

“I thought you would go off and forget me” Demi smiled

They both looked at each other and laughed, Ariel held up his pinkie, “Then lets make a promise!” Demi smiled and nodded hooking her pinkie with his, they both looked at each other and smiled.

“I promise to always be your best friend!”

Demi smiled at the fond memory, that was the day they reaffirmed there friendship, and every year on that same day they always hung out together just the two of them and did something fun, and by the end of they day they remade that promise. Today was that day, and Demi was excited.

With Amaya born Ariel hadn't had much time anymore, Demi wasn't surprised and Ariel always made up for it. She smiled and called Ariel, he picked up almost instantly, “Hey Ar-”

“OH DEMI! I was just about to call you! I'm so sorry Amaya is sick and I need to stay home....I'm sorry! We will hang out tomorrow..I really got to go bye!”

He hung up and Demi sat on her couch, “ could he...” Demi started to cry, because Ariel forgot what Today was.

Ariel got on a ladder, “Robbie hang it a little higher!”

“ugh I'm not giant like you sir!” Robbie said getting on his tiptoes.

“What is this for?” Camrie asked while her, Maya, Amaya and Lucy looked through a photo album of Ariel and Demi, well Amaya was more pointing to Ariel every time she saw him....which was every picture.

“Today is like a friendship anniversary for Demi and I” Ariel spoke finally getting the banner up it said;  I promise to always be your best friend.

“How cute” Maya smiled

“Ariel!” Lucy yelled, “is this you last year??”

Ariel walked over and looked at the picture, “oh yeah! Demi and I were Ash and Misty! Ever since we meet each other every year we matched at Halloween” he turned the page a couple times, “This was when I was in fifth and she was in fourth we were the grim reaper and a dead person”

“how disgustingly cute” Camrie said, “Maaaaayaaa why can't we do thaaat”

“because I choose not to be the Ken to your barbie” Maya laughed

“Maaaayaaa” Camrie yelled

“Don't worry Camrie!” Lucy got on her lap, “I will match with you this year!”

“OH LUCY!” Camrie hugged her, “your to sweet!”

Ariel picked up the phone, “I better call Demi.”

“I'm sure she will be mad” Robbie said

Ariel ignored him and called Demi, “what?”

“I need you to come over...”


“I need help...Amaya won't sleep without one of your crazy stories...” Ariel said hopping this was going to work.

“Fine.” Demi hung up

“AHAH!” Ariel picked up Amaya, “it worked, think you baby girl for being the perfect excuse”

Amaya just pinched his nose then smooshed his cheeks, Ariel laughed “your just like mommy, its adorable”

Maya blushed and picked up the little girl, “We will go and give you and Demi your friend time”

“Thanks” Ariel smiled kissing Maya.

“Ariel...” Demi walked in, “I'm here!”

“The living room!” She heard him call.

Demi walked in and stopped she saw the Banner and Ariel standing there, “you didn't think I would forget did you?” Demi then started to cry, she felt bad for thinking he had forgotten about her, forgotten today. Ariel smiled and just patted her head, as she cried harder.

Demi was looking through the album, “Hey! I remember that! I had fallen of the swing...and you the little weirdo always kept a band aid in your pocket”

“Still do” Ariel smiled, “your very cluts”

“thanks” Demi glared at him, and flipped through the book, “hey that’s when I just started middle school...our moms just NEEDED a picture”

“Oh yeah!” Ariel laughed, “I remember because once people saw you with me they backed away”

“Very very slowly” Demi laughed

Ariel held up his pinkie, “Its that time of the day again”

Demi smiled and hooked her pinky with Ariel's. They both smiled at each other.

“I promise to always be your best friend!”
SO this is like a story to celebrate I got 50 watchers
I'm also working on a photo and I was gonna do the story last but I got to excited and did it first cx
so hahaha
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PrincessCamerz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to say it tho
I ship eeeeeeet!!!
DoughnutDemi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
So does everyone CX
cause I meam your heartless if you don't XD
PrincessCamerz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
they have that affect of just kinda..... waving over people to the point they ship it CX
DoughnutDemi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
YES! ;3 its a secret superpower!
PrincessCamerz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!! 
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